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Mrs. Sondra Rowe

434-528-6499 ext 27822
Classes Taught: 


Monday, January 14th

Pre-Algebra: No School


Tuesday, January 15th

Pre-Algebra: Word Problems WS 3-4 & 3-5. Pictures, steps, & sentences are required.

*** Since the Angles Quiz was just taken and given back retake quizzes for Angles can be retaken until Wednesday, January 16th.


Wednesday, January 16th

Pre-Algebra: SOL 8.9 Test STudy Guide WS. Show pictures, work & sentences when needed.

*** Test on Pythagorean Theorem on Thursday.


Thursday, January 17th

Pre-Algebra: Correct 3rd Nine Weeks Class Work problems. (Square Roots & Lesson #9 Warm ups.)

*** Be sure your notebook has been cleaned out as directed before Christmas Break.


Friday, January 18th

Pre-Algebra: Finish the SOL 8.14 Mid-Year Review WS.

Mid-Year Assessment will be on Tuesday, January 22nd. 





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