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Mrs. Sondra Rowe

434-528-6499 ext 27822
Classes Taught: 


Monday, September 24th

Pre-Algebra: Comparing & Ordering Scientific Notation WS. *** Quiz on Tuesday.


Tuesday, September 25th  

Pre-Algebra: Converting Decimals, Fractions, & Percents WS.


Wednesday, September 19th

Pre-Algebra:  Real Number System Review WS, due Friday. Bring earbuds to class this week. 


Thursday, September 20th

Pre-Algebra: FinishThe Real Number System Review WS due Friday.

Interims went home today, students can use this report as a check list of items to be done. All CW can be corrected for full credit, low quizzes can be retaken in HR for an average of the two grades. 


Friday, September 21st

Pre-Algebra: Finish Pg. 621 Lesson 2-9 (1-27)odd. 


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