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Mrs Nicklin

434-528-6499 ext 27024
Classes Taught: 
6th grade Life Science

H.W. - 10/15/18 and 10/16/18 Study Scientific Method Vocabulary

HW - 10/17/18 Study for notes quiz - binary fission, mitosis, meiosis, prokaryotes, eukaryotes

HW - 10/18/18 - Research ideas for the science fair.

HW - 10/19/18 - Finish class work - creative cell drawing - see google classroom page for notes & instructions.

No school Monday 10/22/18

Spirit Week - Tuesday wear tye dye; Wednesday wear orange; Thursday wear blue and yellow; Friday dress up as your hero (no masks, face paint, or costumes that restrict movement)

*If your child has not joined the 6th grade resource page - log in to gmail with their school email then go to google classroom and use the join code t00p742.  Look under classword to find the life science section.


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