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Mrs Nicklin

434-528-6499 ext 27024
Classes Taught: 
6th grade Life Science

QUIZ - 12/7/18 - Punnett Squares and Genetic Engineering

Due Monday 12/10/18 - Science Survey - Student answers questions themselves then interviews at least two other non-classmate individuals.

Wednesday 12/12/18 - Semester Test on scientific method, cells (organelles, functions, types), mitosis vs meiosis, cellular organization, cell membrane transport, DNA.

Due Wed 12/12/18 - All 32 DNA Q & A flashcards made by students and put in the plastic bag labeled & provided by teacher.

*All notes can be found on google classroom.

**If your child has not joined the 6th grade resource page - log in to gmail with their school email then go to google classroom and use the join code t00p742.  Look under classwork to find the life science section.

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