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6th grade Life Science

QUIZ 2/18/19 - Animal Kingdom, Chordate Phyla, Classes - see notes and video link on google classroom.  Flashcards should be seen at home, as well as, students studying each night.

Due 2/18/19 - Final portion of science fair write up:  Data Tables, Graphs, and Conclusion.

Due Friday Feb. 22 (Extended from Feb. 19) - Science Fair experiment complete write up.  See google classroom for instruction sheets that were handed out before winter break.  There you can also find additional information to assist in creating the report.  While students do not have to enter the fair and create a tri-fold poster board, each student does have to complete their own experiment and turn in on google classroom their formal lab write up.

PAST Due Jan. 28 First portion of science fair write up:  Students are to type up a report that includes the Title, Question, Research, Cites, hypothesis and variables.  Go to google classroom,open 6th grade resource page, go to classwork, scroll to life science,  find science fair experiment write up.  Under this you will find the science fair project checklist - this shows how it will be graded.  You will also find the posterboard instructions which is only due if you are entering the science fair.  There is also a graphic organizer to help you plan and complete your experiment.  To turn in your work, in google classroom, go to life science, find the science fair link then click on view assignment, ADD the file from google drive and turn in. 

If you were absent on MONDAY 2/4/19 you missed a QUIZ - Classification Unit.  Students may look at the notes from the classification video on google classroom to help prepare for the test.  Flashcards were made in class Friday (2/1/19) and were taken home to study over the weekend.*All notes can be found on google classroom.

If you were absent on TUESDAY 2/5/19 you missed a QUIZ -  Scientific Method. 

If you were absent on WEDNESDAY 2/6/19 you missed review of the two quizzes taken on Monday and Tuesday.

If you were absent on THURSDAY 2/7/19 - you missed the completion of the Classification Video notes.  You can find the answers on google classroom page linked with the video.

If you were absent on FRIDAY, 2/8/19 - We were in the computer lab to type up your materials list and procedures of science experiment.  And using index cards to create flash cards for the next quiz based on questions #19-38 on the Classification Video Notes sheet.

If you were absent on MONDAY, 2/11/19 -  The second portion of science fair write up:  Materials List and Procedures was due.  (write up is NOW PAST DUE)  Students had time in class to complete this and turn it in to google classroom.  Students also made flashcards for tuesday's quiz on the Classification video notes questions 19-38.  Students matched animals to their classes and created an animal cootie catcher- see handouts in google classroom.  Also, watched a video on animal classification.  see link in google classroom.

If you were absent Tuesday, 2/12/19 - You missed the Classification Quiz #2; based on questions #19-38 on the Classification Video Notes sheet.  Flashcards were made in class and taken home to study.  Video link and notes can be found on google classroom.

If you were absent Wednesday, 2/13/19 - You missed taking notes on the chordate classes.  The notes can be found on google classroom attached to the video Animal Classification for Children.  View video and take notes.  (There will be a quiz on this Monday, Feb.18.)

If you were absent Thursday, 2/14/19 - You missed completing a graphic organizer about the characteristics of the chordate classes and a crossword.  See google classroom for these items.

If you were absent Friday, 2/15/19 - We went to the computer lab so that students could enter their data table, graph, and conclusion into their project document.  Students also made and took home flashcards to study for Monday’s quiz. Students who completed yesterday’s classwork received the items back graded to take home to study, as well.  

If you were absent Monday, 2/18/19, You missed a quiz on chordates.  (See google classroom for video link, notes, and graphic organizer.)  Flashcards were made in class and taken home to study.  We began watching Bill Nye Invertebrates.  (linnk on google classroom.)  Due today is the final 3 sections of the science fair write up - table/graph/conclusion.  This is to be turned in to the assignment link on google classroom NOT shared.

**If your child has not joined the 6th grade resource page - log in to gmail with their school email then go to google classroom and use the join code t00p742.  Look under classwork to find the life science section.

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