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Mrs Coleman

Classes Taught: 
Math 7 and Pre-Algebra


Please notice that the syllabus for Math 7 and Adv. Math 7 are attached as links at the bottom of the webpage.



Math 7 Homework Calendar

Math 7 Online Textbook

Desmos Online Calculator


Pre-Algebra Math 8 Resources:

Math 8 Pre-Algebra Homework Calendar

Pre-Algebra Math 8 Online Textbook

Desmos Online Calculator


Here are the extra opportunities students have to improve their grade at ANY point in the 9 weeks period:

1. Correct classwork assignments for full credit.  This can be done an unlimited amount of times until the assignment if corrected fully.  This can be done at home.

2. Correct tests for extra points.  One point per correction that is accurate will be given.  This is a one time attempt.  This can be done at home. (**Math 7 ONLY**)

3. Retake quizzes for an average grade.  This must be done during homeroom or lunch time.




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