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Back to School Dance

AMS will be hosting the Back to School Dance on Friday, September 6, 2019 from 2:45-4:45 pm.  The cost is $3 and permission forms will be sent home on August 28.  The following guidlines will be followed for all AMS dances this year:

Student participation in dances and other activities is a privilege.   Students with any Out-of-School Suspension/Alternative to Suspension, two or more incidents of In-School Suspension, two or more bus suspensions, or a combination of (1) bus and (1) In-School Suspensions since the previous dance will not be permitted to attend the next dances. Any student with three or more separate incidents of OSS/ASC will not be permitted to attend any dance for the remainder of the year.

Students missing any class work assignments, quizzes, or tests will not be able to attend dances.  Students will be informed of missing class work assignments, quizzes and tests one week prior to the dance.  These missing assignments, quizzes, or tests will need to be completed and turned in three days prior to the dance to be able to attend the dance.


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