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Box Top Challenge

Box Top Challenge starting on Monday, January 14th and going through Monday, February 25th. 

This challenge will work the following way:

The students will earn a ticket for every 25 Box Tops that they turn in.  It will be the student's responsibility to bring their box tops in a Ziploc bag or envelope with their FULL NAME on the bag and turn this in to their homeroom teacher. 

The tickets will be placed into a container for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

$ 25 Gift Card to Walmart

$ 25 Gift Card to Jump

$ 25 Gift Card to Starbucks

$ 25 Gift Card to Regal Cinema

Stainless Steel Fan Cloth Tumbler filled with Candy

The PTO will be purchasing these prizes for the drawing.  If we are able to get any prize donations, they will be added to the list above.

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