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Afternoon Car Rider Pickup

Afternoon Car-rider Parents:

We all appreciate your patience as we begin this new school year.  Please keep in mind that our goal is to keep all of the students safe, while maintaining an effective routine to ensure you are able to pick-up your child, as quickly as possible.  In order to keep the flow of traffic moving (and to avoid the line backing up to Rt. 60) – the students are asked to load “in waves”. This allows for us to stop all traffic so the students are safely able to enter the parking lot.  You are asked to proceed forward in the line and to please not stop directly in front of the school to pick-up your child. This allows us to maximize the number of students that can be loaded with each wave. Please encourage your child to pay close attention and to watch for your vehicle.  This will help shorten your wait time and keep our students safe. Thank You!!!

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