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US History II: 1865 to Present

.  Calendar

Oct. 16th 1st nine weeks test

Please complete study log nightly.


**If you would like to sign up for "Remind" and haven't done so already, please e-mail me your name, your child's name and cell number where you would like to receive text messages. 

Class Codes for Google Classroom

1st period-0oos1i5

3rd period- dy1vhk

4th period-zdcnar

6th period-jkuy748

7th period-v4gvfxz


History Textbook Online: (Once on the site scroll down to Our America: 1865 to Present) This should be found on the bottom left side of the page.  If your student wants the text read to him/her, choose the audio addition.




SOL pass is a great online study tool for students.  There are games and addtional notes and reviews for each unit we study

Once on the site, students need to click on middle school and US History from 1865. (This should be the middle box)   

SOLpass Password: amherst


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