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Ms. Fitzgerald

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Eighth Grade English Language Arts

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English Language Arts 8

2nd Quarter October 16 - January 11, 2018


Dear Parents,

            We are happy to inform you that from January 3rd through February 23rd, Vanessa Finnegan from Sweet Briar College will be a student teacher in your child’s classroom. During the time the students teacher is in the classroom, we will consistently observe and supervise instructional activities. The primary responsibility of the instructional program for your child remains with his or her classroom teacher.

            We at Amherst Middle School, are very pleased and excited to have this opportunity to work with a students teacher. This experience will provide your child with additional enrichment, reinforcement, and supervision. Your support in welcoming and working with the student teacher will be appreciated. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning this matter.

             A student teacher is required to present a videotape of her teaching to the College Supervisor. The purpose of the videotape is to help the student teacher analyze and improve her teaching skills. Also, many school devisions recommend or even require a video taped lesson as a component of their interviewing and hiring process.

            If you object to having your child participate in a lesson that will be videotaped, we will arrange for her/him to be excluded from the lesson. Please indicate your permission on the form below and return this form to your child’s teacher by January 5th.


Student and teacher supplies of glue are gone!

Please consider donations of glue sticks to our classroom!

- Students also need access to gluesticks, pencils, and notebook paper for the year


To offer clarification, build expectations, and add a smile to our days!

due date
ˈd(y)o͞o ˌdāt/
  1. the date on which something falls due, especially the payment of a bill, the expected birth of a baby, and assignments for your English classes.
    ***All assignments are due at the beginning of class.***


    Classroom Calendar


Monthly Grammar and Writing Homework Assignments: Linked Below as

Uploaded Documents.

  • Students also have been provided a hard copy.  Homework is also copied into student Agenda's on Monday.  


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