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Mrs. Payne

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Hello Parents/Guardian,  

I am so glad to have your child this year at AMS! I would like to give you a few reminders :

* For the 2021/2022 school year along with the TDAP vaccine, the Meningococcal vaccine will be REQUIRED upon entry to 7th grade. Your student won't be able to receive their schedule unless we have record of those vaccinations. You can fax, email or drop off a copy of those vaccinatons. 

Please contact the school if your student has any medical condition where they may need treatment while in our care. For example, Asthma, Allergies, Seizures, Diabetes, Heart Disorders, Bleeding/Clotting Disorders, Urinary or GI Disorders etc. 

* Please ensure you screen your student each day prior to arrival to school. 

* Please ensure we have up to date contact information.

* Students CAN NOT self carry medication unless I have a written order from a Physician. 

* In order to administer an over the counter medication a Medication Administration form needs to be filled out by the PARENT OR GUARDIAN. 

* In order to administer a prescription medication to a student the Medication Administration form needs to be filled out by PARENT/GUARDIAN and PHYSICIAN


If you have any questions in regards to the medical needs of your student, please do not hesistate to call or email. 


Blair Payne RN

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